This program is designed for our current customers and clients who understand the 5 sequential stages of prospecting and recruiting...  

Referrals from the Warm Market


Local Market


Classified Advertising on and off line


Funded Proposals


Online Prospecting


Voice Broadcasting Purchased Leads

If you are not a current customer of Calvert Marketing Group, then this program is probably over your head, and not right for you.

We highly suggest that people who invest in this program have already seen our best selling training program “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” and totally buy into the concept of Unified Duplicatable Training Systems.

The Start Right MLM System consists of 4 Audio CD Trainings PLUS 1 "Leaders" CD,  along with access to forms and documents in our "members only" section.

The 4 Audio CD Trainings:

1) Developing Your Foundation (Reasons & Belief)

2) The Customer Acquisition Process

3) The Recruiting Process

4) Programming Your Mind for Success

PLUS The "Leaders" CD

Please understand, this program is designed for leaders who want to get their new people started on the quickest path for success. It is our hope that leaders will adopt this training system 100% and provide a set of these audio training to EVERY NEW PERSON THAT ENTERS THEIR ORGANIZATION.

The entire program was designed with this in mind. The Start Right MLM Program should become your base system. The very first steps leaders need to take with their new team member to help them start their business off successfully and correctly.

Image what your team will look like down the road, when every single new person is learning the same basic foundational system and all new people are given the exact same path to success from day one.

Only businesses that are systematic can be duplicated.

The sooner you totally internalize this concept and take steps to systemize every aspect of your business, the sooner you will start to develop a team of distributors that will be envied by every other organization within your company. Believe me, I know, I have experience it and you can too.

Network Marketing companies have paid me tens of thousands of dollars to teach this BASE SYSTEM to their distributors. This was the foundational system that allowed me to develop a duplicating downline of over 60,000 active distributors.

I promise that if you will master this system and teach it to all new members that enter your team, you will separate your organization from all the others within your company “Unity creates separation”

Here is what you will receive:

bullet Leadership audio that explains the system in detail and give you insight into the emotional & physiological aspects of the base system.
bullet The Start Right MLM System on 4 audio CD’s approximately 60 minutes each.
bullet Password to Access the members only section where you and your downline team will have access to all the forms and documents outlined in the program. You will be able to email and or print all of these essential forms.

    Just imagine the confidence you will feel with every prospect that you ooze with the feeling “If you follow me, I will take you were you want to go” Ladies and gentleman, you either have that, or you don’t and The Start Right MLM Program will provide you the extra edge that will let all prospects and new team members know, that you are a leader that has their act together.

    This step-by-step foundational system took me from a nobody distributor to recognized leader in less than 10 months. I believe it will do the same for you.

    Again, this program is designed for current customer, clients, and leaders who want to provide this training to every new member that enters their team. Thus large quantity discounts are available.

    Feel free to order 1 Set and prove the effectiveness for yourself!

    1-4 Sets $47.00
    5-9 Sets $37.00 Each
    10-15 Sets $27.00 Each
    16+ Sets $19.00 Each

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    Dedicated to Your Success,

    Dale Calvert